Why Study At GLIBU

Generation Light International University  is designed to increase the access of all Nigerians and African to formal and non-formal education in a manner convenient to their circumstances. It caters for the continuous educational development of professionals such as Teachers, Accountants, Bankers, Lawyers, Nurses, Engineers, Politicians, Self-employed, Businessmen and Businesswomen, Pastors. The range of target clientele is wide and shall be continually reviewed to meet International standard of Educational quality.

Method Of Study

GLIBU’s curriculum is an educational format specifically prepared for long distance learning.  That is the student can do his/her studies via mail, the internet, telephone and FAX.  In some cases we make tutoring arrangements so the student can travel to our University.  This is based on the financial need of the student.
This structure of studies and courses is dependent on the pace and time the student gives in order to complete it.  All the degree programs are designed to fulfill the traditional educational requirements and are Theology from the Holy Scriptures and not man’s doctrines..

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