Background History Of GLIBU

Background History

Generation Light International Bible University- GLIBU was founded by Dr. Ikezahu Osagie Success, a symbolic influence of the Christian objectivity movement of the 21st century, Base in Nigeria, the founder and president of Generation Light Evangelical Ministries International, the college is a  Distance Learning and campus/ center study programme and with affiliation with Grace International Bible University GIBU- Liberia, and Biblical University BU Nigeria.

Generation Light International Bible University- GLIBU offers short term certificate Programs, Diploma in Ministerial Studies,  Bachelor of Art in Theology, Master of Ministry, Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Divinity.

Generation Light International Bible University began with a singular purpose – Enabling Generation for Ministry Excellence. Since 2017, it’s has been our vision and mission to educate Christian leaders. GLIBU was founded to teach and train ministers and Christian workers under the banner of God’s inerrant Word. Our mission at GLIBU is to educate Ministers and other Christian workers for greater work in the Kingdom.

GLIBU is designed to provide a Global Rang of accredited degree programs in Bible and Ministry for adults who were serious about serving Christ. In fact, it’s our mission, to “educate Ministers and other Christian workers for greater  work in the Kingdom”. Today, of course, non-traditional programs for adults are the fastest growing dynamic in education, with:

  • Emphasis more on analysis and application than rote memorization
  • Opportunities year-round and round-the-clock for busy and interested adults to get a degrees without neglecting their families, church     commitments, or jobs
  • Professors teaching part time while working full time in the  helping professions in the real world

Non-traditional means that the courses are geared primarily to adults who are highly motivated and serious minded to Christian leadership. It means that the campus is both non-residential and Residential, with the vast majority of students driving in from a distance. It means that courses can be taken in centers, online, in churches, or by way of “home studies”. At Center courses can be taken during the day, in the evening, on weekends, in intensive modules, or in an accelerated format. Adults can begin their university education for the very first time, finish a bachelor’s degree they have begun somewhere else, or even enroll in a master’s and Doctorate program.

The Vision of GLIBU has grown substantially through the years and we continually look to the future while holding fast to the heritage of our faith. Our students and faculty reflect that common vision.

In the classroom and the pulpit, we practice the eternal values that are taught and lived at Generation Light International Christian University.


To be an international university of iconic reckoning, develop an exciting and supportive learning environment that transforms students and inspires them to make a real difference in the society by placing research excellence at the heart of our mission, focus on employability of our students, understands the needs of education business and the academic advancement of the contemporary African Society while celebrating the rich cultural diversity of our countries as a unique strength towards modern development.


To produce highly competent and resourceful graduates with high moral values, providing opportunities to all students irrespective of race,  tribe, religion or political inclination through modern  academic programmes, hi-tech service delivery  based on provision of adequate facilities as well as professionally qualified and competent academic and administrative cadres.


The following objectives of the institution are derived from the mission statement. Generation Light International Bible University is out to:

  1. provide quality theological education characterized by continuing commitment to serious and impartial investigation of truth in order to train effective ministers for churches in Africa.
  2. develop in the student a critical, analytical and reflective thinking for a more effective learning and service.
  3. provide knowledge and skills in ministerial training for men and women, irrespective of ethnic, linguistic and social-economic differences.
  4. build effective leaders for church and society both nationally and internationally.
  5. teach and apply the Christian faith and practice in its comprehensive and integrative nature for the transformation of the individual and community.
  6. develop men and women who are able to effectively communicate the word of God.
  7. equip people to fulfill the total mission of God for the world today.


  1. Special Scholarship award for all students.
  2. Nigerian standard curriculum blended with European and American standard.
  3. ICT driven academic programme with unique differential strategies by highly qualified and season lecturers.
  4. Conducive learning environment, secured hostel accommodation.
  5. Online academic programme with special on-class tutorial support and examination at the main campus.
  6. NYSC scheme for all through our Affiliate formal institutional cooperation for student.
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